Stream of I Am

The stream of I Am

Judgements slip away and become the Light to show the way.

Expectations cease to be as the memory of your true Self returns to thee.

The dam you built to stop the flow was made of only these two things,

Judgement as the base and expectations as the glue.

But now you see, the only real thing is You.

The dam is gone, and never, not even for a moment stopped the only thought.

Go with the current, your dam is gone.

You are free, the light has come.

Your river flows, and so it is done.

This is a poem I wrote after a beautiful experience of meditation at a retreat with James Twyman as part of the Academy of Soul Manifestation. The meditation we listened to was part of the "Levitation Meditation" program James offered. The meditation utilizes the "Moses Code frequency" as the underlying sounds in combina