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Thanks to Melissa, I began my spiritual journey to understand and accept more. Melissa helped me discover in myself femininity, confidence in my powers, understanding that I am worthy. With a lot of practicality, trifles and small subtleties I learned precisely from Melissa how to be yourself, how to cultivate your powers and believe in them, how to communicate with my soul team. Thank you Melissa and wishes from Europe, from Lithuania.



I found Melissas sessions so calming & helpful that they brought me to tears at times. I tune in as often as I can & have referred a few friends who I thought may benefit as well. I have felt enlightened & mentally stronger since finding her. I hope others find the peace & strength within themselves that I have. Thanks for everything you do Melissa ♡



Melissa has great connection with her and other spirit guides. She receives messages very fast and clear and they are so correct. Her choice of language is very good, even as foreigner, it is easy to understand. She us putting much of her energy in the reading, what makes it great expieriance- it is so personal and deep! Even if i have more questions- she is happy to answer them, as long as information comes through.



Melissa embodies all that is good and pure light, so it is no wonder that I was naturally drawn to her. She has enriched my understanding of my existing gifts and has helped me in stepping into and developing new ones. My soul is forever nourished by her wisdom and genuine love. Thank you Melissa 💟



Melissa has taught me so much. She's opened my eyes to the beauty and wonder of what we're all capable of. She's a sweet and caring person. A gifted and bright soul. It's a real honor to know her.
She's encouraged me to explore my spirituality and to believe in myself. She's a wonderful mentor and friend.



I find it very difficult to translate how I feel about my interactions with Melissa into words. There are just not the right words other than “home” least not for me. Thank you so much for all your love and light. 💗



I have worked with Melissa multiple times. Her readings are always immaculate and on point, she often delivers the truths that I am unwilling to face myself and always helps me to realign with my truth. The most profound experience I’ve had with Melissa was a group healing she performed on receiving. I was able to clear some very old blockages from my childhood that had not even crossed my mind in years. She is a transformational, uplifting, healer of hearts. She is truly connected to spirit on a deep level and there is no one I would more highly recommend.



I met Melissa months ago and I feel like I known her for years! She made me feel so loved and gave me so much confidence! Learning with her help me grow into a fully healed fully happy person I am so thankful to have her in my life! She has helped me get to a nice peace in life and I am proud to call her my soul sister 😍

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