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Intention Setting and Manifestation Lions Gate Portal 8/8/23

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The Lions Gate portal has been open for a few days and will peak on 8/8. You may have already been experiencing heavy energies especially within your body and emotional field. As we approach the peak of the portal these energies are asking to be seen, felt, and released so we are clear as we set our intentions and direction with the energies of Lions Gate supporting us. Before we get into the exercise, what exactly is Lions Gate?

Lions gate occurs every year between July 26 and August 8 as the star Sirius rises to align with Orions belt and with the Sun. This alignment reflects the perfect opportunity to release negative behaviors, unhealthy attachments, and limiting beliefs as we embrace and stand in the power of the Lion. Sirius is a star of intense love and devotion awakening the connection to the divine within. Now is the perfect time to stand in your personal power and allow it to shine brightly as you choose your direction forward.

During this time, be sure you are extra mindful of your body and taking care of yourself. Drink water. More water. And drink more water. In addition to the intense energies of love and light from Sirius you will also be experiencing light codes and 'upgrades' to assist you in full self realization. Often these times of intense, high frequency energy leave our body feeling depleted, tired, and overall heavy. You may also experience changes in appetite, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, and restlessness or interrupted sleep with an increase of dream activity. This is a natural part of the healing process as those hidden fears, limiting beliefs, and things that no longer serve us rise to the surface to see seen, felt, healed, and released. If you can surrender to the feelings, surrender to the ick, allow your body to do what it needs, it will pass. Ask your body what it needs and be gentle with yourself. You may need to rest a lot more than usual. Let yourself rest!

The heavier energies should begin to lift some around the 4th as the energies shift to begin supporting the manifestation of what we truly desire. With fear and limiting beliefs out of the way we are able to clearly see, feel, and experience what it is we truly want. From this place, we are infused with power and strength, excitement and motivation to share who we are without holding back. We take this opportunity to clear out any confusion lingering from the upheaval, any limiting beliefs we may be tempted to hold onto, and clearly set intention as we become clear and confident in our direction.

The exercise below will guide you through this process and provide a daily devotion to establish a consistent commitment to claiming who you are and what you truly desire. The video is a live replay of our discussion on the energies of Lions Gate and a walk through of the exercise.

Some crystal recommendations to support you through this time: Tiger Eye: Activate your personal power and confidence with an added layer of protection from negativity.

Rainbow Obsidian: The ultimate support for shadow work and releasing deeply rooted fears and limiting beliefs. A gentler cleanse than black obsidian to bring the darkness to the light to reveal what the shadows are reflecting.

Petrified Wood: Grounding. This will assist greatly in keeping you grounded and connected to your body and physical experience. (If you have another stone your prefer for grounding keep it close by!)

Moldavite: For the thrill seekers and those that are truly ready to embrace the transformation at hand, moldavite is your best friend. A stone that, ready or not, will remove anything in your experience no longer serving you and, not so gently, move you into alignment with your True self. Don't be scared of this stone, if you are drawn to it, trust yourself! It gets a bad rap, and it can be a pretty intense amplifier, but remember it always comes down to your intention. If you are really ready for change, moldavite will support that on every level imaginable.

Manifesting and intention Setting
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