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Spiritual Mentorship Program

Are you ready to take a deep dive into your Spiritual Journey?
If you are here, the answer is YES!

This 4 week personalized mentorship program is created to assist you in realizing your spiritual potential. Areas of focus include Spirit Guide connections, channeling, transforming your relationship with your body, identifying and shifting limiting beliefs, mindset coaching, reading tarot/oracle cards, and developing your Spiritual gifts (just to name a few). The direction of the mentorship is determined by you and your goals and desires, I then provide the tools and support to build your consistency and confidence.

This program includes:
* Weekly 1 hour sessions (4 total)
* Detailed write ups and breakdown of each session

* Custom and Personalized tools such as daily affirmations and intentions, journal prompts, breathing exercises, meditations or other tools specific to your intentions, goals, and desired experience.

* Check ins, Reminders, and Support via text each week

A more detailed breakdown of the program is below.

Are you ready to commit to stepping into your full potential and power?
Click I AM READY below to sign up now!

What the Mentorship Includes

Weekly Sessions (4 total)

The mentorship includes 4 One-on-One sessions. In the first session we will establish where you are on your journey, your foundational practices, and set the direction for the time we will be spending together. Your first session starts our 1 month period together. We will set intention, set goals, and develop the beginning steps to move you into feeling you are in alignment with your desired experience. Each of the following sessions will vary greatly depending on your goals and focus.

Custom and Personalized Support for your Goals

I am here to provide support, guidance, and tools to move you towards where YOU want to be. I do not set the direction nor the speed, those are entirely up to you. Once those are established during our first session, I provide a summary and breakdown of the tools, exercises, or practices to accomplish your goals. Some examples of these include morning and evening affirmations or journal prompts, mantras to utilize through the day to change mindsets, daily intention setting, or commitments to set aside time each day for a specific purpose. All materials provided to you will be created specifically for you, with guidance from your Spirit Team and directed by your intentions.

Ongoing support from me for the 1 month period via Telegram

After our first session you will be given access to  a private telegram chat with me. This will be used to check in over the course of each week, to send reminders, and touch base with how you are feeling and progressing between each session. Communication through this chat will be limited to daytime hours and is not 24/7 access.

One-on-One Session Details

Each session will be 1 hour via zoom, all sessions are recorded and sent to you in addition to the support materials. The first session we determine your goals & intentions and set up foundational practices to expand and enhance your journey. The next 3 sessions we will check in on your progress, how you are feeling, challenges and successes of the week, and the next steps to continue moving you forward. In all sessions we will connect with your Spirit Team for guidance and messages. Later sessions will focus on your goals and may be used as time to practice and develop your gifts or healing sessions to move you into deeper alignment. Each session is as unique and beautiful as you and your journey.

Image by Jake Weirick

Sign up Now!

If you are ready to say YES! and commit to 4 weeks of realizing your dreams, click I AM READY and sign up today!

Do you have more questions? Unsure if your goals and intentions are something I can help with? Send me a message! We will determine together if we are the right fit.

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