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Letting Go Of Resistance (Your Resistance Monster)

Letting Go of Your Resistance Monster

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Let Go of Resistance

Through this exercise you will bring your loving awareness to the "Resistance Monster" within you and release it once and for all!

Create a Visual Representation of your Resistance Monster
Draw out your "resistance monster." It can be a stick figure, it doesn't need to be an artistic masterpiece. Add any symbols, images, words, or ideas that bring up resistance within you, even just the tiniest amount. Recognize resistance can come in the form of resisting "negative" habits and thoughts or resisting acknowledging all of the wonderful gifts you carry within, your worthiness, or receiving love.

Spend an Entire Day Loving your Resistance Monster
LOVE your resistance monster for an entire day. 24 hours. Bring it with you, carry it with you, LOVE IT. Sleep with it. Adore it. Allow all of the wonderful ways it has served you to come into your awareness and embrace it for all it has done for you. Through this process, you may come to understand this "monster" more like the cookie monster. Not a monster at all, but rather a vital part of your experience that has brought you to where you are now.

Give it your Loving Presence
Let your monster know you see it. You hear it. And if it comes to visit again, you will only give it cookies through your loving awareness, but you are no longer going to keep feeding it. You are ready for a new choice. To let go of unwillingness, let go of resistance, and choose again.

Let it Go!
Let it Go. Release it.
Now, let it go! However feels right to you. Just toss it in the trash, or maybe you want to do something more ceremonious. Whatever way you want to physically represent releasing it, do that. Through the physical act of letting it go and releasing it from your presence you are also releasing it from your consciousness

Be Aware of any desire to keep it around 'just in case'
If there is any part of you desiring to hold onto it, to pack it away in a closet so that, just in case, one day if you need it, it will be there. Realize this pattern and understand if you keep it in your subconscious, if you hold onto your attachment to it, it will prevent you from moving into a new experience . It no longer serves you, you are ready to live authentically and the only thing preventing you from doing this is your resistance.

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