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Soul Services

Guidance and Soul Coaching Session

Melissa tunes in to Spirit and receives messages and guidance from your Spirit team. The session can be focused on general guidance, pinpointed on a question, or a specific area you are working through. After the guidance is received Melissa tunes into  coach and provide tools to encourage and support developing your connection to the guidance. The goal of these sessions is to hold the space for guidance to be received and provide the tools for you to become consistent and confident in your ability to receive the guidance yourself.

Recorded Reading, Guidance, Channeling

This service provides a recorded video of your reading or channeling. Melissa allows Spirit to guide through answering your request with channeling, card pulls, or other intuitive tools. If you would like Melissa to connect with a specific Guide, Deity, Angel, or Ascended Master we can do that as well!

Spiritual Mentorship

A 4 week deep dive into your Spiritual Journey. This program includes weekly sessions, customized exercises tools and practices, as well as ongoing support to achieve the intentions and goals set by you. Say yes and commit to stepping into your power today!

Image by Cristofer Jeschke
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