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Togepi Ussingite Carving

Togepi Ussingite Carving

Approx 2 inches.


Enjoy your love of pokemon with the added benefit of crystal properties.


Ussingite emanates the Violet Ray of spiritual purification, and can align one's conscious awareness with the Higher Self. Ussingite stimulates the crown and Soul Star chakras, aiding one in communication with angelic guides and friends in Spirit. Ussingite vibration is one of calm serenity, and it is ideal for enhancing the link between the brain and heart, guiding action with benevolent wisdom. Ussingite is very good for Addictions. It leads to understanding the relationship of all the bodies. Ussingite can bring you forgiveness. It is a good crystal for mathematics. Ussingite brings forth the memory of the gift of recall of that which is for the greater good of humanity. Ussingite can bring you forgiveness and resolve feuds. It is a macrocosmic mineral, bringing knowledge of universal truths. It is a good crystal for those in the arts, sciences. Ussingite brings joy, creativity, intuition, telepathy, inspiration and resonance with the vibrational pattern of Source.

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