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Clarity and Soothing Healing- Medium

Clarity and Soothing Healing- Medium

Size: Medium approx 7.5 inches

Amazonite is a soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. Balancing masculine and feminine energies Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear. Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system. Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love.

If you find your monkey mind sometimes acts like shattered glass with fragmented thoughts going here, there and everywhere, then Amazonite can be the most amazing gemstone for weaving together all those frayed emotional threads. Soothing anxious dispositions and self-destructive thoughts is what Amazonite does best. It’s also a brilliant gemstone to have on hand when you need to pull your self-esteem up by the bootstraps. Amazonite works directly against habits of self-neglect, inviting you to always put yourself first. For those who struggle with past trauma, Amazonite can also bring its healing energy to help you step forward. By helping the mind filter out stress and anxiety and learning to let go of that which is not serving us any longer, it helps to patch up old wounds and make things seem much more manageable by breaking down big problems into bite-sized digestible pieces.


Each bracelet is intitively guided and contains a channeled message. You may purchase just the bracelet or the bracelet and the channeled message. You may purchase this with your order by selecting the "Channeled Message" Item from the shop and adding it to your cart.


  • Sizing

    Sizing is broken down into basic Small, Medium, and Large categories. They will vary slightly in size based on stone and bead variation. On average, the sizing is as follows:
    SMALL: Approx 6-6.5 inches.
    MEDIUM: Appox 7-7.5inches
    LARGE: Approx 8 inches

    Custom Sizing is available for some pieces for an additional cost. For custom orders please allow an additional 3-5 days for order completion.

  • Channeled Messages

    Each piece I make contains its own channeled message. You may purchase this with your order by selecting the "Channeled Message" Item from the shop and adding it to your cart. The channeled messages are delivered via email after the product has shipped. Messages vary in length and range anywhere from 3-15 minutes. There is no way to predict the message or how long it will be. Channeled messages are optional with your purchase.

  • Returns and Exchanges

    Returns or exchanges are generally not accepted. If you have any concerns or questions about your order once it arrives please contact me.

  • Shipping

    All items are shipped with USPS and will be shipped within 1-3 business days of placing your order. If there are any delays before your order is shipped you will be contacted immedietly. For custom orders please allow an additional 3-5 days for order completion.

  • Cleaning and Care

    Care Instructions -

    All of my crystal bracelets are hand-made with all natural gemstone beads. Lotions, harsh soaps, and even sweat can create build up between the gemstones and metal spacer beads and tags.

    Here are a few tips on caring for your bracelets so you can keep them looking beautiful and benefit from their healing properties as long as possible.

    Keep your bracelets dry. Your gemstone jewelry is not meant to be worn in the water. Minerals and chlorine added to the water can harm the stones and the metals. If you accidently wear your bracelets while your hands are submerged in the water, make sure to dry them off. Don’t wear your bracelets while swimming.

    Your bracelet is meant for everyday wear. However, to avoid scratching the stones on your bracelet or overly stretching the cord we recommend that you take off your bracelet before working out or doing anything really active.

    Protect your bracelets from harsh chemicals. If you are cleaning with any household cleaners, take off your bracelet until you are done. Take off your bracelet also before putting lotion, creams, or oil on your skin. Oil can cause build up and discoloration between the beads and any metal components.

    ***Normal wear and tear is expected with all jewelry.***

    If you see any discoloration or build up on your beads it is time to clean them.
    To clean your bracelets, scrub your jewelry gently with a soft cloth and a tiny amount of a mild soap, wash under warm water, and dry gently with a dry soft cloth.

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