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Energy Hygiene 101

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In this virtual pre-recorded workshop we will go over the fundamentals of working with Spirit and Energy. Each topic is broken down into its own section so you can take your time with each one, or complete the program all in one sitting. Its totally up to you! There are practices, exercises, or prompts as well as video discussion on each topic. We cover the following topics: -Why your belief system is key. -Clearing, Cleansing, & Calling YOUR energy back. -Guided exercise of clearing and energy call back -Grounding and Centering- understanding your energy -Setting protection and maintaining energetic boundaries. -Setting up agreements with your guides and higher self regarding consciously consenting to energy. This self-study program will be helpful for anyone that identifies as an empath, struggles with feeling overwhelmed by external energies or other people's emotions, and those working on deepening their experiences with spirit and working with their gifts. If you have any questions before you want to sign up please contact us on the contact page!

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